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Phase II ESA

Since its inception, KourCo has completed hundreds of site assessments in the Gulf Coast region that required the delineation of subsurface soil and/or groundwater contamination. KourCo utilizes experienced and qualified geologists, engineers and environmental scientists to plan and execute all assessment activities in the most cost-effective manner possible. KourCo's environmental professionals install monitor wells, recovery wells, temporary piezometers, and soil borings with company-owned Geoprobe® 4220 direct push and Geoprobe® 7822DT drilling rigs. Utilizing in-house equipment rather than subcontracting for assessments allows KourCo to respond rapidly to releases at client facilities. KourCo utilizes the most current techniques for the collection and analysis of soil and groundwater samples, such as EPA Method 5035, recently implemented by the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality (LDEQ) for the sampling of volatile organic compounds in soil. KourCo conducts low-flow groundwater sampling and a variety of other specialized techniques that may be required, depending upon site conditions and contaminants.

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