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Dual Phase High-Vaccum Extraction

KourCo conducts in situ remediation of the saturated and unsaturated zones utilizing equipment engineered to use a high efficiency vacuum method to remove volatile organics from contaminated soil and groundwater known as dual-phase extraction.  Dual-phase extraction, or bioslurping, is a remedial technology which combines the two remedial approaches of bioventing and high efficiency vacuum extraction.  The “bio” aspect comes from bioventing in which air flow through the unsaturated soil stimulates the aerobic bioremediation of hydrocarbon-contaminated soils. The “slurping” or vacuum aspect comes from the application of a vacuum to the soil and top of the water table to slurp up LNAPL and water. Also, depending on the type of chemical that is present in the soil and/or groundwater, enhanced bioremediation may be the most cost-effective solution. This technology uses chemical-specific microorganisms to transform harmful substances into non-toxic byproducts. These techniques cause no disruption to your day-to-day operations.

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