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UST Management and Compliance

KourCo employs personnel that have been certified by the LDEQ for the closure of underground storage tank (UST) systems. This qualifies KourCo to supervise the critical aspects of UST removal and closure-in-place projects, including closure soil sampling by the latest techniques stipulated by LDEQ, such as EPA Method 5035. KourCo is also registered with LDEQ as a Response Action Contractor (RAC) for the completion of site assessments and corrective action plans within the Louisiana Motor Fuels UST Trust Fund Program. For UST owners/operators with active facilities, KourCo provides audit and inspection services designed to assess the compliance status of UST systems relative to state and federal release detection requirements. By identifying compliance issues and assisting owners/operators with operational adjustments or changes, KourCo can help to avoid monetary fines or expenditures that may result from LDEQ or EPA compliance inspections.

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