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Phase I ESA

KourCo completes ASTM-compliant Phase I ESAs in support of a large variety of clientele, including individual property owners/purchasers, lending institutions of various scales, private and public corporations, law firms and various governmental bodies. These projects have been conducted at a wide variety of locations throughout Louisiana on properties and facilities that have been engaged in a wide array of commercial and industrial activities. KourCo’s goal in the completion of these projects is first and foremost compliance with all ASTM requirements included in the Standard Practice E 1527-21 for Phase I ESAs. Through the diligent yet cost-effective completion of these projects, KourCo has been able to protect its clients through discovery of all environmental liabilities that may affect the project location. KourCo’s broad experience and qualifications in environmental consulting gives us a unique perspective that allows the clear identification of liabilities. Through these efforts, KourCo has prevented the transfer of environmental liability to parties that did not create the liability. At the same time, KourCo is able to identify the means through which these liabilities can be addressed so that the properties and facilities can be appropriately utilized and returned to commerce. This insight allows our clientele to make sound and appropriate decisions relative to property acquisitions and divestitures.

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