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KourCo's environmental professionals install monitor wells, recovery wells, temporary piezometers, and soil borings with company-owned Geoprobe® 4220 direct push and Geoprobe® 7822DT drilling rigs. KourCo provides the geological expertise, equipment and services necessary for aquifer testing and groundwater flow modeling. Utilizing in-house equipment rather than subcontracting for environmental drilling projects allows KourCo to respond rapidly to releases at client facilities.  In addition to company-owned drilling rigs, KourCo utilizes a 24 foot enclosed and air conditioned mobile assessment unit to maximize quality assurance and minimize adverse working conditions.

KourCo’s Geoprobe® 7822DT drill rig is the industry benchmark for compact, versatile, high performance drilling. It easily adapts and expands to changing working roles and project requirements. With capabilities to tackle various environmental, geotechnical, and exploration applications using a single machine, it reduces the need to mobilize multiple rigs with limited functions, saving time and money. Designed and engineered to perform like a traditional drill rig, the 7822DT is much easier to transport and has a smaller site footprint. This makes it possible to maneuver through limited access areas and tight spaces. With a stable track base, the 7822DT is ideal for off-road conditions where rough terrain and sloped surfaces are encountered.

KourCo’s Geoprobe® 4220 is mounted on a 4’ x 4’ Kawasaki Mule. The Mule’s compact size, only 121 inches long, 85 inches tall with derrick extended, and 57.5 inches wide, allows access to areas not commonly accessible to conventional drilling equipment. Its all wheel drive also allows it to travel through terrain that most vehicles would find impassable.

KourCo’s mobile assessment unit serves as both an on-site work site office and equipment/storage unit. During inclement weather conditions, the KourCo mobile assessment unit helps to ensure the highest quality control measures are achieved for sampling events. 

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